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NMP Web is a web site design company located in Hastings, Michigan. Our mission statement is simply this:
NMP Web is dedicated to providing you with a web site design

  • that you will LOVE
  • that you can afford

Web design is an essential part of any online presence. We can help you create a unique and engaging website that meets your customers’ needs.

There are a number of different web design options available to you. You can choose from a range of popular web design frameworks, or we can create a website from scratch.

Whatever your web design needs, NMP Web can help you create a website that meets your specific needs and expectations. We have a wide range of web design services available, including website design, website development, and web marketing.

We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to dn, so website, so we work hard to provide high-quality services at a reasonable price. We also offer a range of customization and consultation options to help you get the most out of your web site.

If you’re looking for a professional web design service that can help you build a successful online presence, contact us today!

Getting found online is more important than ever. NMP Web specializes in making you more visible in search results through a mix of technical and content-driven SEO best practices.

Feel free to have a look around and see for yourself. There are many people that have done business with NMP Web. One common question is if we have any references. Anyone in the NMP Web Portfolio has had a web site designed by us and we're sure will be happy to tell you about their experience with us.


"It has been a pleasure working together with Marc and Barb to make the WGD Forum a big success. They are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to web design and are great contributors to the group. They always go the extra mile to provide excellent presentations as well as help anyone out. I would recommend Net Magik Pros Web Design to anyone who needs a professional website for their business or otherwise. "
Mark S

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