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NMPWeb is located in Dowling, Michigan. Here is who you would be hiring to create your website if you hire  NMPWeb:

Marc Coppins: Founder and Co-Owner of  NMPWeb Marc is originally from Mt. Clemens, Michigan. In 1999, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At the time he was working in a factory and the heat really affected his body. He had to find a different career.

*** UPDATE***

In 2011 Marc had a Stem Cell Transplant which stopped his MS from progressing. It even reversed a lot of the effects of his MS. In 2012, it was also discovered that he has Menier’s Disease (Basically fluid in the inner ear). This causes sever vertigo. In 2018, he had an operation and had everything removed from his left ear This was an attempt to correct his balance and et rid of his unrelenting vertigo. This didn’t work but instead landed him in a wheelchair. The vertigo is always there unless he is laying flat on his back.

Marc always had an interest in computers, so he took some computer programming courses at MCTI (see below). He fell in love with Barb.

After he graduated from MCTI he enrolled in KCC where he is took classes and learned even more about web design.


    • MCTI

Computer Programming Certificate

Courses Taken:

    • RPG
    • COBOL
    • Visual Basic
    • Q Basic
    • HTML
    • Java

Kellogg Community College

  • Courses Taken:
  • Photoshop
  • Web Design
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Intro to Macintosh

At the time when NMPWeb was formed, there wasn’t much out there about how to get into the SERP’s… but over the last 20 years, it has become less and less of a mystery.

Previous Jobs
Coppins Painting and Decorating (Residential, Commercial and Industrial Painter)
Counter Intelligence Agent
Machine/Set Up Operator for milling machine L.M. Gear
Call Center Agent for the Department of Defense

Barb Coppins Co-Owner of NMP Web Barb was born and raised in Dowling, Michigan, a suburb of Battle Creek. She has lived in Germany, Texas, California and Battle Creek.

When she was living in California, her Mother fell and broke her hip. Her sister, who was a nurse, moved in to help out her Mother, and eventually Barb moved back to Michigan to help take care of her Mother.

Barb now resides with her husband, Marc, in Dowling, Michigan.

As fantastic of a web designer that Marc is, there is no way possible that he could keep up with the demand for updates and new languages and design techniques etc involved with the business.

That's where Barb comes in. She handles all of the money aspects and all of the paperwork for NMPWeb. Without her, Marc would not be able to create awsome looking and functional websites. Not to mention, Barb is also the quality control for NMPWeb.

She is the one that gives the "final ok" to the website before it is presented to customers. She is very friendly and outgoing and always tries to put a "positive spin" on almost any situation. Barb is also learning about web design and how to layout a web page.


"Thank you so much for all your help, this website looks so good and it's so great to have one, it has received nothing but compliments - kudos to you!!! "
Amy M.

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