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This Blog is about Web Design and Search Engine Optimization. These will be the only 2 categories (for now) until we see a need for more.

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  • Bootstrap v4.6.0 January 19, 2021
    Bootstrap v4.6.0 is here with a couple new features, several bugfixes, and some awesome documentation updates to make v4 more maintainable alongside our development of v5.
    Mark Otto
  • Bootstrap Icons v1.3.0 January 7, 2021
    Say hello to over 60 new icons with Bootstrap Icons v1.3.0! We focused our efforts on filling in some holes and expanding some coverage of a few categories. We’re super happy with how the new additions came out and hope y’all love them, too!
    Mark Otto
  • Bootstrap Icons v1.2.2 December 23, 2020
    We’re ironing out the kinks in our new font files with Bootstrap Icons v1.2.2! We went back to the Figma file and ironed out all the fill-rule details to ensure our SVGs translated into font files properly.
    Mark Otto
  • Bootstrap Icons v1.2.1 December 12, 2020
    Just a quick release to fix a typo in our package.json for including the font files in our published package.
    Mark Otto
  • Bootstrap Icons v1.2.0 December 11, 2020
    Our latest Bootstrap Icons release includes dozens of new icons, redesigned documentation, and the most highly requested new feature—icon fonts!
    Mark Otto
  • Bootstrap 5 Beta 1 December 7, 2020
    With our first beta release of Bootstrap 5, we’re calling it on new features and breaking changes. From here on out, we’re only fine-tuning features, bugs, and documentation on our way to a stable v5 release. Woohoo!
    Mark Otto
  • Bootstrap 5 Alpha 3 November 11, 2020
    Our third alpha release has landed with tons of updates to our components, utilities, docs, forms, JavaScript, and more. This is a larger alpha release for us and sets us up for our first beta where we’ll introduce some final breaking changes and features.
    Mark Otto
  • Bootstrap Icons v1.1.0 October 28, 2020
    Our first minor release for Bootstrap Icons is here, with over 30 new icons and a few bug fixes. New icons include fill variations for our emoji icons, including a few new emojis, and several new file type icons.
    Mark Otto
  • Bootstrap 4.5.3 October 13, 2020
    We’ve updated Bootstrap 4 with a new patch release to fix some bugs, backport some iterative changes from v5, and more. Enjoy!
    Mark Otto
  • Bootstrap 5 Alpha 2 September 29, 2020
    We’re back at it again with a brand new alpha release of Bootstrap 5! Our second alpha has brought some new and improved features, color contrast improvements, improved helpers and utilities, and some documentation design updates.
    Mark Otto