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Basic SEO Tips

  1. Start a blog
    Produce a blog that brings people to the site again and again
  2. Put the customer or reader first
    Don’t write for the search engines, write for your readers
  3. Set up pages on social sites
    Set up profiles with accurate contact and web address details on the major social sites
  4. Don’t trust agencies that promise guaranteed results
    You don’t necessarily need an agency to improve your SEO efforts
  5. Set up a Google Local listing
    This is free, and an easy way to increase your presence in local search results.
  6. Don’t expect quick results
    If you’re doing the right things, it will work in the long term.
  7. Optimise for mobile
    Google is **focusing heavily on mobile optimisation (**, adding text and labels to mobile search results to indicate those sites which are ‘mobile-friendly’.
  8. Don’t obsess over rankings
    Search rankings are fluid, and can vary according to the searcher’s location, device and so on.
  9. User reviews
    Its good to encourage user reviews, first and foremost to improve conversions, but also because they can help for SEO.
  10. Don’t rely ONLY on search traffic
    Yes, you should try and rank as highly as possible, but SEO shoudn’t be chased as the expense of other channels.

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