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Free Web Accessibility Tools

Net Magik Pros hasn’t used, or even tried out some of these free tools that help build proper websites and/or graphics, but we will try them all out and leave you our honest opinion whether it is good or bad.

By the way I’m using speech to text to type this out 😊

There will be more posts like this in the future, and although there are many paid and FREE programs out there, NMP will only be sharing the FREE programs

Accessibility is creating websites usable for all people, including individuals with visual, motor, auditory, speech, or cognitive disabilities. Here you will find FREE web accessibility tools.

  • Accessibility Insights
    Helps developers quickly find and fix accessibility issues.
  • aChecker
    Accessibility testing web app used to evaluate HTML content for accessibility problems.
  • ANDI
    Accessibility testing tool for web content (bookmarklet). It will automatically detect accessibility issues, give suggestions to improve online accessibility and check 508 compliance.
  • AXE
    Accessibility engine designed to work on all modern browsers and with whatever tools, frameworks, libraries and environments you use today. It’s automated accessibility testing tool for developers.Colorbox
  • Colorbox
    A web app that algorithmically builds accessible color systems. Done by Lyft Design team.
  • Contraste
    An app for checking the accessibility of text against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
  • Hex Naw
    Helps you to test entire color systems for contrast and accessibility.
  • PA11Y
    Accessibility testing tool to find issues with your web pages. It runs HTML CodeSniffer from the command line for programmatic accessibility reporting. It’s accessibility developer tool.
  • Sim Daltonism
    A color blindness simulator for macOS and iOS that lets you visualize colors as they are perceived with various types of color blindness.
  • tota11y
    An accessibility visualization toolkit. Interesting fact: inside the tool name you can see “a11y”. It’s an abbreviation of accessibility as “a” followed by 11 more letters, followed by “y”.
  • WAVE
    Allows you to evaluate web content for accessibility issues directly within Chrome and Firefox. It’s a web accessibility checker.



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