FREE Web Site Templates

FREE web site templates make life a lot easier for the inexperienced web designer. But these can have their hazards, and besides, why would you want to have an inexperienced web designer create a web site for you? Facts about free templates:

  • They usually require a link back to where you got the template from
    • These links contrast with the rest of the web site most of the time. This means that, while it gets a link on your website, its not a link that helps you with search engine placement very much... if anything, it is a link that helps the designer/developer with THEIR WEBSITE!
    • Your competition is one click away from having a web site that looks just like yours, but with THEIR information in it.
    • If you want to remove the link, then usually you have to pay something for that, meaning that you have now paid for a template that is not exclusive.
  • They are already developed, meaning that you have to fit YOUR CONTENT into THEIR DESIGN, for YOUR WEBSITE and not the other way around.

NMP Web DOES use templates, that WE CREATE for YOUR website. Once we are done creating the template for YOU, it's yours to keep. We don't own the template, that's what YOU paid us to do.


"Thank you very much for informing me about our website support and also for making the changes. It's perfect...now customers will not get confused. "

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