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If you are a novice web designer, you might be tempted to use free web site templates to save time and money. However, there are some drawbacks to using free templates that you should be aware of. Here are some facts about free templates:

  • Free templates usually come with a condition that you must link back to the source website
  • These links often clash with the design and content of your web site. They do not benefit your search engine ranking, but they do benefit the template creator's website.
  • Free templates are not unique or exclusive. Your competitors can easily use the same template and create a web site that looks identical to yours, but with their own information.
  • Free templates are not customizable. If you want to remove the link or change the design, you might have to pay a fee or buy a license. This defeats the purpose of using a free template in the first place.
  • Free templates are not tailored to your needs. You have to adjust your content to fit the template's design, instead of having a design that suits your content.

At NMP Web, we do not use free templates. We create custom templates for your web site that reflect your brand and vision. Once we finish creating the template for you, it is yours to keep. We do not own the template or require any link back to us. We design the template around your content, not the other way around.


"Net Magik Pros Web Design truly cares about their clients..... it's obvious in the way they go above and beyond to make sure that your website is exactly how you want it. And in the one on one attention that they give, from start to finish, and everything in between. They work hard to make sure you get what you want and more. Keep up the awesome work! "
Kevin B

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