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HSCT Caregivers

HSCT Caregivers LLC Owned and operated by: Barb Coppins

Some HSCT Facilities, like Mexico, the Philippines, Israel and Singapore REQUIRE that the patient has a caregiver with them for the entire procedure.

Other HSCT Facilities do not require Caregivers, but many still want the comfort of knowing they have someone there with you that already knows what to expect and is solely looking out for YOUR best interests.

Patient Safety is our First Priority! That is the service that we provide.

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Adrounie House Bed & Breakfast

Adrounie House Bed & BreakfastOwned and operated by: April & Don Tubbs

Whether you are traveling, house hunting, in the area for business, visiting friends, or just need to get away for the weekend, let us provide you with a Bed & Breakfast experience that will leave you refreshed.

Voted by inn-goers in Arrington's Book of Lists as one of the Top 15 B&Bs in North America

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Marc Stem Cell

Marc Stem Cell Marc Coppins was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (M.S.) on April 1, 1999… Being a big practical joker, April Fool's Day used to be one of his favorite days of the year. Over the years, Marc has tried almost every M.S. drug that is on the market, receiving benefit from some, but also having major side effects with most of them, which caused him to search for something better. In 2011, Marc had an HSCT (Hematopoeitic Stem Cell Transplant) for M.S. in Chicago. His M.S. has been stopped and many of his symptoms reversed! There is HOPE!

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Parish Projects

Parish Projects Our mission is to be a laundry list of programs and projects, complete with instructions, and how to do lists, so anyone can select a program or project and implement it in their Parish.

In most cases, little effort is made to promote or explain merits of projects or programs, as that is the purpose of the links.

We are anxious to add new projects and new links. A short description of projects and instructions on how to implement the project are welcome.

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Pennfield Self Storage

Pennfield Self Storage

Whatever your self storage needs, Pennfield Self Storage can help you. Self Storage is a convenient, safe and inexpensive way to store your items.

Potential insurance coverage may be provided by your Home Owner's or Rental Policy.

Check with your insurance agent for more details on if your insurance policy may already cover your self storage unit or how to add the coverage you need.

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R.B. Christian

R.B. Christian R. B. Christian opened our doors for business in 1952 and has been a family owned and operated business ever since. We specialize in:

  • Precast Concrete Steps
  • Custom Iron Railings and Aluminum Railings
  • Wrought Iron Spiral Stairways

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