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  1. Introduction To create a great email subject line is an essential part of an email marketing campaign. As the subject line is the subscriber’s first encounter with the email campaign. And it is what attracts them to open the email. Email marketing campaigns can get lost in an inbox without a good email subject line. […]

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  2. Remote work, alongside its benefits, has brought a host of new problems into the workplace. Above and beyond all else, loneliness is becoming an epidemic within America. A majority of U.S adults are considered lonely today. This is due in no small part to the changing culture of the workplace within America. Not only are […]

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  3. The average person has 60 apps installed on their smartphone. And while most of them make our daily lives run a little smoother, some apps can be a minefield of malfunctions, riddled with bugs and glitches that make us want to launch our phone at the nearest wall. And it’s these glitches that inspired the […]

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"Marc and Barb were successful graduates of our Computer Programming Department here at M.C.T.I. and so have a diverse background in several areas of Computer Programming besides web pages. They have always been very generous with their time, often helping others with their work. They have even been willing to come back to the school after graduation to share their Web Page making experience with the students (which I appreciated because they now know much more than I do about it !) We are very proud of their excellent work and the success of their business - they are a credit to our alumni. "
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