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 Sun Nov 28, 2021

Creating a Website is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Design

Net Magik Pros Web Design will optimize the design of your website with less code so you will get better search engine placement.

That's right, your website can get better search engine placement because of the design!

Many people (designers, developers as well as clients.) miss this.

Design is more than just about what your website will look like, depending on how your website is designed, it can (good or bad) make a difference in where the site is placed in the search engine results page!

2. Maintenance

$75 per month includes:

  1. One hour of our time monthly
  2. Server Hosting Space (the computer where your website is located on)
  3. Search engine submission month
  4. 24/7/365 access to update your own website from any internet connection.
  5. Monthly website back-up
  6. Security updates

3. SEO

If your website was NOT designed and optimized by Net Magik Pros Web Design... Search Engine Submission price is generally $150 per month (price may vary).

If Net Magik Pros designs your website, your monthly cost is only $75. Plus it includes more than just SEO (see Maintenance).

This price is competitive compared to most SEO providers.

Designing websites isn't really a "job" for us... we just enjoy doing this, AND WE'RE GOOD AT IT ALSO!

*** BONUS ***

If you hire Net Magik Pros, you will be hiring a disabled veteran. This may or may not influence your decision on who you hire to create your website, but understand, this is all we do, and because we are disabled, we don't charge as much... we don't need to.

With that said take a look around, and whether you hire us or not, please call us and let us know why so that we can improve. We want you to have a successful web site that makes you some money and saves you time!

What People Say About NMP

"Thank you so much for all your help, this website looks so good and it's so great to have one, it has received nothing but compliments - kudos to you!!! "
Amy M.

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